Assess unexploded ordnance risks
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Expert unexploded ordnance (UXO) reports delivered in partnership

Our unexploded ordnance (UXO) reports provide peace of mind for wind farm developers and could help avoid human, environmental and financial catastrophes.

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What are the threats from unexploded ordnance?

The Central Atlantic and Norwegian lease areas are littered with military hardware, including unexploded ordnance (UXO) from military conflicts and training exercises, much of which was dumped after the Second World War.

Unplanned explosions and contamination from UXO can endanger human and marine life and environmental habitats. They can also cause catastrophic damage to engineering equipment and works and create costly delays.

Get expert UXO threat advice

UXO Threat Reports now available for:

Don’t bid blind:

Knowledge is power. Gain an advantage over other bidders by licencing a desktop study of areas of interest before bidding, today. 

EPI’s study will provide a comprehensive range of UXO and military threats to wind farm developments, covering:

  • Military shipwrecks and related UXO
  • Chemical weapon disposal sites
  • Explosive disposal sites
  • Former military exercise areas and defence sites
  • WW2 Axis and Allies mines and minefields  
  • Current and former US Navy bases
  • At-sea Operating Areas (OPAREA) 

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Calculate risk versus reward

We’ll use threat data to create a written report quantifying the risks to specific wind farm projects based on factors such as:

  • Location and cable routing corridors
  • Depth of water – fixed or floating platforms
  • Equipment and techniques needed to survey, construct and operate

Also provided are invaluable GIS layers in Wind AXIOM, offering greater detail, such as historical data for each of the identified risks to potential projects.

EPI’s data plugs seamlessly into Wind AXIOM

EPI is the only UXO specialist working with TGS to upload newly acquired data into the Wind AXIOM modelling platform, updating the risk level mapping ready for design work. This is much quicker and cheaper than sourcing and uploading the data manually.

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Confidence before and after bidding

EPI reports will give greater confidence in turbine locations and cable routing corridors. They’ll also prepare for UXO survey design inputs, reducing development timings and costs. Access is also provided to expert advice to help mitigate any unexpected UXO risks.

Discounts are available for Wind AXIOM subscribers bidding on multiple lease areas – for purchasing all reports for shallow water, deep water, or all eight lease sites.

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