Client Representatives

The Technical Specialists

EPI offer support and supervision throughout the project life-cycle, from initial feasibility studies and scoping through to decommissioning. Not only are we able to provide consultants, but we have the technical expertise in-house to offer reassurance and project management for the wind sector – both fixed and floating.

The EPI team and consultants support the following scopes:

  • Client Representative – Geotechnical
  • Client Representative – Geophysical
  • Client Representative – Environmental
  • Client Installation Representative
  • UXO Survey Client Representative
  • UXO Project Advisor
  • QHSE Auditor Vessel Auditor

Recent Supported Windfarms

We have recently supported over 16 GW of offshore wind projects around the world, including Taiwan, Japan, East Coast USA, France, South Korea, UK, The Netherlands, Australia and Ireland.

Your Global and Local Partner

We have over 2,700 consultants in 71 countries, backed by our in-house support teams who have decades of hands-on industry experience; we are unique in delivering this level of support to make your project a success.

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