Well Stimulation

A collaboration between EPI Group and METIS LLC

MicroStim is an environmentally friendly, low cost, innovative technology for oil and gas well rejuvenation. Suitable for difficult terrains, green field sites and depleted wells, MicroStim delivers similar or better results than conventional stimulation in a variety of geologies for both oil and gas at approximately half the cost.

This innovative technology is the result of years of research and development undertaken by Metis LLC in the USA driven by Lance Cook ex-Chief Scientist at Shell ex-Director and Dr Lev Ring of VP of Technology at Weatherford. Metis have teamed up with EPI to harness the initial success in the USA lower 48 with EPI’s Global expertise to deliver MicroStim worldwide.

The Theory

The theory is based on Stokes law relating to the rate at which different sized particles settle. Tiny formation fissures contain 80% of hydrocarbons. These fissures are too small to be propped open by conventional sands. Micro-proppants pumped at low velocity enable the release of these hydrocarbons.

From the Lab to the Field

In 2016 Lev and Lance started Metis Energy. First field trials were successful. Next, was to achieve production rates equivalent or better than conventional stimulation at a fraction of the cost. Final test was to prove the theory worked in a variety of different formations, and for both oil and gas.

Environmentally Sound

  • The MicroStim rig is small, nimble and low cost compared to a traditional spread
  • Water only; no chemicals
  • Lower risk of seismic activity
  • Micro-proppants pumped at low velocity using reused water
  • No chemical additives to contaminate ground water or aquifers
  • Low energy; only 10% of the energy for re working or drilling new wells is required
  • Easier logistics and much smaller workforce

Production Benefits

Low cost

  • Proven cost-reduction for re-working in a variety of formations
  • More greenfield sites can be viable
  • Costs will continue to fall as venture scales up

Proven results

  • 500-700% production increases on three out of eleven wells stimulated
  • Production same but decline curve significantly better on one well
  • Three early adopter wells proved the theory but no hydrocarbons

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