UXO/EOD Survey, Mitigation and Quality Control

Unexploded ordnance poses a direct threat to your people, assets and projects, and to the environment. EPI Group, using highly experienced ex-military bomb disposal personnel, will ensure the risks are safely reduced to As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) following international best practise.

EPI Group is uniquely placed to integrate hydrographic and geophysical survey expertise with UXO mitigation.

Application Examples

Offshore and Inland Waterways:

  • Renewable installations, cable routes, interconnectors
  • O&G installation, pipelines, connectors and well heads
  • Ports and harbours, piers, jetties, bridge foundations
  • Dredging and extraction


  • Construction/reconstruction programmes
  • Remnants of War sites – mine fields, ranges, war zones, UXO dumps
  • Seismic acquisition
  • NGO/Aid agencies humanitarian demining

Site Survey, Risk Assessment & Auditing:

  • Desk Top Studies
  • Initial and site-specific Risk Assessments
  • In field assessment
  • Risk Mitigation Measures
  • Reporting

Pre-deployment UXO/EOD Briefing and Training:

  • Safety and Awareness Briefing
  • Project specific safety guidelines
  • In field training
  • Liaise with local and national authorities and relevant NGOs

Survey Design and Contract Management:

  • UXO/EOD Survey Design
  • Scope of work for Contractors
  • Manage the Invitation to Tender
  • Technical review of proposals
  • Assistance with Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)/Environmental Management Plan (EMP)

Auditing and Quality Assessments:

  • QA/QC of UXO/EOD and geophysical surveys
  • QA/QC of UXO mitigation programme
  • Safety inspection and Monitoring of both client and contractor staff during deployment
  • Assess relevant incident and emergency plans

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