Survey Design

EPI’s survey design team specialise in robust survey design, perfectly suited to the specific needs of any project.

The EPI design group use subsurface de-risking methodology incorporating both proprietary techniques and fundamental methods developed by Vermeer, Cordsen and Galbraith to produce survey designs and parameters that don’t just focus on the imaging but provide a robust solution. We undertake a full suite of modelling, utilising the following procedures into our design flow:

  • 3D Layout and Geometry Diagnostics (Schlumberger OMNI software).
  • 3D Geological Modelling and Illumination Study (OMNI Workshop).
  • 2D Elastic Wave Equation Modelling (OMNI Workshop).
  • Wedge Modelling (Hampson-Russell).
  • Footprint Analysis (OMNI Workshop).
  • Optimum Shooting Plan and Cost Analysis (SurvOpt Acquisition Planning Tool).
Example images taken during the survey design process

Why use the EPI Group?

  • We ensure the subsurface response to the geophysical methodology supports the imaging requirements.
  • Our solutions have a proper and full integration between:
    • Asset required derisking method. e.g. seismic attribute/AVO sensitivities.
    • The envisaged data processing and imaging sequences required.
    • Acquisition parameters.
    • Operational Feasibility.
  • We assure our solutions are not only geophysically correct, but offer an excellent level of interpretability. We work hand in hand with our Geoscience Division to make sure our data output can be utilised and the data attributes can be captured to further the derisking strategy.
  • We make sure the data will not only delineate targets, but also afford appropriate derisking of the anticipated drilling and development operations.

Tendering and Contract Development

  • Our services include market evaluation and expressions of interest (EOIs).
  • We provide full tendering, along with local & national law compliance, following best industry practises.
  • We supply a suite of documentation which is fully flexible to ensure any requirements are covered.

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