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One of the Largest ever Marine 3D Projects

One of the largest 3D proprietary marine seismic projects ever (29,322 square Kilometre project) offshore Colombia, shot in 2 phases, an area equal to 1,258 GoM lease blocks!

The project utilised the latest Broadband acquisition techniques on the CGG vessels Oceanic Sirius and Oceanic Vega, and so required top of the line QC expertise, as well as highly effective environmental monitoring capabilities to ensure Colombian regulations were adhered to.

The survey required 479 vessel days, over 458,000 man-hours and all completed without major incident.

EPI Colombia Provided:

  • A locally compliant business in Colombia to ensure all regulations were met under the contract
  • Lead Seismic QC – monitored the overall project as the client’s representative on board the vessel(s). This included ensuring HSE standards were upheld, as well as the technical specifications.
  • Navigation QC – ensured the positioning data for the towed equipment was of the highest quality. Acted as Lead QCs second to ensure 24-hour coverage/availability.
  • Processing QC – ensured the contractors on board processing was done to the correct standard.
  • Colombian Marine Mammal Observers – locals with good experience of the area, on hand to ensure marine mammals were protected.
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring equipment and Operator – using the latest Seiche technology, ensured marine mammal monitoring continued during night time/darkness periods.

Benefit to our client:

  • High quality 3D dataset acquired to drive future exploration for our client offshore Colombia
  • No non-compliance with the Colombian authorities following the environmental monitoring
  • Good level of local content achieved by contracting local Colombian MMOs
  • Pre- and post-survey meetings with our client in Houston and Bogota on environmental management demonstrating high levels of engagement
  • Compliance benefits by contracting with EPI Colombian entity
Seismic Vessel
Offshore Concession Map

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