EPI Renewable and Subsurface Services


  • Environmental permitting & environmental impact assessments (EIA)
  • Environmental management plans (EMP)
  • Mitigation and monitoring
  • Sound source verification and modelling
  • Baseline environmental surveys
  • Project management and advisory services
  • Desktop studies and literature reviews
  • Public consultations

Ultra High Resolution Seismic Survey Design & Processing

  • Subsurface de-risking to provide robust design solutions
  • Full suite of modelling (OMNI, Hampson-Russell)
  • Optimised shooting plan & cost analysis (SurvOpt)
  • Bespoke seismic data testing and sequence development
  • Pre-processing to include advanced statics, denoise and de-multiple (3DSRME & SWME)
  • Time and Depth imaging solutions


  • Tender and contract management for UXO/EOD operations
  • Project management, client representative and QC auditor
  • QC/QA of visual identification of targets on pipeline, trenching, cabling and sea bed infrastructure
  • QC/Management of risk mitigation
  • QC/Management of UXO/EOD investigations, surveys, safe removal and disposal

Representatives and Auditing

  • Geophysical client representatives
  • Geotechnical client representatives
  • HSE client representatives
  • Vessel HSE Assurance and Inspection (IMCA & OVID)

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