The Outsourced Exploitation Department™ – An innovative strategic partnership.

Through the OExD® solution provides a ready-made E&P department with a track record of value creation, bolted on. OEXD delivers the capacity and quality to execute strategy whilst enabling your organisation to stay lean and flexible.

The OExD® Model

  • Provides cost-effective full spectrum geoscience, engineering and operational team & software
  • Delivers excellent technical execution on operated & non-operated assets
  • Flexibility to scale resources in line with evolving project requirements
  • Operate Assets / projects for and on behalf of clients
  • Execute New Venture strategies (opportunity identification & due diligence)
  • Corporate Asset/Prospect Inventory value management, ranking, risking
  • Farmout support, dataroom, management & hosting
  • Relationship management (JV partners, governments, investors)
  • Data management & strategic IT advisory
  • Long-term OExD® relationship safeguards corporate memory & database
  • Training and mentoring of staff

The OExD® model provides a cost-effective and high-quality  multidisciplinary team, allowing clients to access world class expertise, with certainty of capacity, delivered in a scalable, flexible contract. OExD® enables management teams to focus on core functions, company strategy and growth, whilst the OExD® team executes the strategy.

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