Geothermal energy is heat energy contained in or discharged from the earth’s crust. In the right location and with the right application of technology, this energy can be used for generating renewable electricity and direct heat, and widespread deployment could play an important role on the path to net-zero. 

EPI’s team has in-depth fluid flow knowledge and offers solutions for both high and low enthalpy geothermal systems, with applications for agriculture, district heating and light industry.

Heat from active hydrothermal systems can be utilised using single or duplet wells. The single well approach is typically closed system, where a heat exchanger is placed within the well, and fluids are run through the closed loop and pumped out as steam. The two well or duplet systems are commonly employed in lower temperature basins and use high permeability sedimentary formations to facilitate flow from one well to another, heating fluids as they flow through the basin.

EPI also provide specialist unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk management consulting services and a full suite of environmental services to support the identification and development of geothermal opportunities.

Our industry alliances have enabled:

  • Conversion of old oil wells to provide heat for agricultural purposes
  • Development of combined heat and electricity provision up to 25 MW
  • High enthalpy steam geothermal electricity

EPI also provides the following services to support identification and development of both natural and enhanced geothermal systems (EGS):

  • Basin screening / high-grading geothermal resources for direct heating, agricultural and electrical generation
  • Hydrothermal reservoir characterisation
  • Reservoir modelling and simulation
  • Low environmental and social impact subsurface stimulation for enhanced geothermal systems (MicroStim)


EPI’s MicroStim technology offers low environmental and social impact and clean stimulation of geothermal wells near urban areas, enhancing the heat flow and deliverability of the reservoir to create Enhanced Geothermal Systems.

MicroStim is a process for gently opening natural fissures within rocks and filling the opening with small inert micro spheres to increase heat productivity and/or cold water reinjection. MicroStim uses only water, nontoxic microspheres and no harmful chemicals. The small grains used take advantage of Stokes law (related to the rate at which different sized particles settle) to hold open even the smallest formation fissures. As the proppant easily stays in suspension, very little energy is required during the injection phase which results in a very small operational footprint suitable for urban areas.

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