Geothermal energy is heat energy from the earth’s crust. In the right location and with the right application of technology, this energy can be used for generating renewable electricity and direct heat. Widespread deployment will play an important role on the path to net-zero.

EPI’s team has in-depth knowledge across geothermal development from feasibility studies to exploration and drilling.  We can offer solutions for both high and low enthalpy geothermal systems, with applications for agriculture, district heating and light industry.

Geothermal energy is rapidly adopting new solutions to make lower enthalpy heat sources economic.  EPI and our partners combine deep geologic, geophysical and operational experience to assist understanding the technical options to match a heat resource with the appropriate technical solution for the economic utilization. 

EPI also provides the following services to support identification and development of both natural and enhanced geothermal systems (EGS):

  • Basin screening / high-grading geothermal resources for direct heating, agricultural and electrical generation
  • Geothermal gradient estimation from geophysical data
  • Economic modelling
  • Hydrothermal reservoir characterisation
  • Reservoir modelling and simulation

Our industry alliances have enabled:

  • Conversion of old oil wells to provide heat for agricultural purposes,
  • Replacing natural gas with geothermal water for industrial processes,
  • Development of combined heat and electricity provision up to 25 MW, and
  • High enthalpy steam geothermal electricity

EPI also provide specialist unexploded ordnance (UXO) risk management consulting services and a full suite of environmental services to support the identification and development of geothermal opportunities.

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