Case study


Onshore Europe – Play Fairway Analysis

Our client had a large acreage position onshore Europe and needed to rapidly high-grade areas for future exploration effort.

To address the client’s challenges, we:

  • Developed a new chronostratigraphic framework
  • Characterised play elements, identifying more than 10 plays
  • Carried out seismic interpretation, developing fundamentally different structural models to previous workers, resulting in new play concepts
  • Undertook regional-scale Common Risk Segment (CRS) mapping to delineate play fairways and identify sweet spots
  • Ranked / high-graded plays and identified critical risk elements

Results were delivered as a “exploration toolkit”, providing the client with a framework for future exploration of the area.

Subsequent integration of this play fairway analysis with new seismic acquisition resulted in the identification of multiple new prospects, several of which where drilled and resulted in discoveries.

Chronostratigraphic Diagram
Onshore Europe Common Risk Segment Mapping
Well Correlation Diagram

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