Case study


North Sea – Basin Modelling

We were selected by our client to analyse the potential for hydrocarbon charge from Jurassic source rocks to de-risk the charge model ahead of a decision on drilling.

Detailed charge modelling and migration pathway analysis was undertaken to:

  • Define location of generative source kitchen
  • Determine the volumes of hydrocarbons (oil and gas) generated within source kitchens
  • Calculate generation and expulsion volumes
  • Determine timing and expulsion efficiency
  • Assess migration routes into the prospect area

The work concluded that hydrocarbons had been expelled in large volumes along direct migration pathways to the prospect, significantly de-risking charge.

The modelling was a key factor in the sanction of drilling by the joint venture which resulted in the discovery of a major oil field. Subsequent oil discoveries in the region have also been located on migration paths mapped by the team.

Thermal Maturity Common Risk Segment Mapping

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