Case study


Frontier Basins – Fieldwork

We were contracted to help an operator, and their supermajor partner, de-risk their onshore/offshore frontier East African acreage and bring in partners to help explore the asset.

We undertook a highly focused exploration fieldwork campaign, including high resolution logging of key outcrops, sampling of play element rock units and construction of structural profiles along key transects.

The results of the fieldwork were a key input into a new integrated sequence stratigraphic framework which we developed for the basin, which:

  • Predicts the nature and distribution of key play elements in the subsurface
  • Improved the understanding of the controls of major sand input points and carbonate platform development in the Jurassic and Cretaceous
  • Provided new insights for the prospectivity and future exploration of the basins
Sandstone Reservoir Onshore Europe from Fieldwork Project
Frontier Basins – Fieldwork
Organic Rich Shale from Fieldwork Project

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