Case study


Field Re-evaluation Project

We were engaged by the operator of a large field to perform a comprehensive multi-disciplinary re-evaluation and provide recommendations for remediation of the field.

Integrating data from wells, 3D seismic and a large database of reports, we:

  • Erected a new high-resolution sequence stratigraphic framework for the field
  • Performed detailed field-wide facies mapping through the integration of wireline logs, 3D seismic, core analysis and production data
  • Calculated new probabilistic estimates of in-place and recoverable resources
  • Created a new sector model in Petrel┬«, history matched & iterated against dynamic data
  • Critically evaluated drilling, completion and production practices

This comprehensive re-evaluation resulted in:

  • New predictive reservoir model which better explains previous well performance
  • Multiple opportunities for production performance enhancement
  • Revised field development strategies

Critically, by synthesising the full database into an integrated framework, we were able to provide the client with a more accurate understanding of their field, optimising future decision making on the asset.

Field Re-evaluation Project

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