EPI Remote Land Seismic QC

Remote QC of Land Acquisition Operations – With EPI’s Technical QC and Reporting software – EPIQC

Thorough interrogation of data:

  • Line Unit instrument test files – Sercel FDU and all current Node Systems
  • Geophone tests – Geophone string specifications/rotation frequency
  • Vibrator Status Files – from any source controller VAPs, APS, PSS files, for phase, distortion, force
  • Positional Data Files – survey preplot and postplot data, Final SPS files
  • Dynamite – Blaster uphole times
  • Crew Daily report and production QC – cross referenced against observer logs

Advantages Provided by EPIQC:

  • Fast, accurate analysis of all the system components Fast, accurate analysis of all the system components
  • Early Identification of problem line and source equipment
  • Ability to interrogate source controller files for individual vibrators
  • Nodal equipment checked before re-deployment to field
  • Survey position data verified
  • Geographical display of results in heatmaps for any dataset with position coordinates


  • Fully formatted Word daily report – checked against production and observers logs
  • List of out of spec equipment by serial number / vibrator number to be verified by the crew
  • Analysis of out of spec source sweeps / units against terrain conditions
  • KMZ file of all data with coordinates displayed on Google Earth, with out of spec data flagged
  • Feedback and coordination with the crew over Skype/ Teams/ WhatsApp etc* bandwidth dependent
  • Fully archived record of all crew system data files, crew and client reports

The EPIQC software provides a detailed daily report with performance charts per vibe and attribute, kmz maps  and listings that include out of spec sweeps. Having the report available once the data is provided to our infield QC’s it has been a valuable tool for an early identification of vibrators incurring in a higher percentage of errors, which help  to mitigate the risk of having broken vibrators later

Nestor Sanabria – Repsol

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