EPI Group is committed to the conservation of the environment and provides a full suite of environmental services. We work in conjunction with local consultants and regulatory agencies for the development and management of all environmental requirements related to a client’s project. This means EPI can assist from the very beginning of your projects through to completion – providing all your environmental requirements


  • Environmental Permitting
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
  • Baselines environmental surveys
  • Project management and advisory services
  • Desktop studies and literature reviews
  • Public consultations

Acoustic Services:

  • Sound Source Verification
  • Acoustic Propagation Modelling
  • Baseline acoustic monitoring
  • Sound exposure modelling
  • Design of bespoke acoustic project requirements

Mitigation & Monitoring:

  • Marine Mammal Observers (MMO)/Marine Fauna Observers (MFO)/Protected Species Observer (PSO)
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) Operators
  • Towed and static PAM arrays
  • Fisheries Liaison Officers (FLO)
  • MMO and PAM Training
  • Required government reporting
  • Development of mitigation & monitoring protocols

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