Applied Geophysical Solutions™


EPI’s Applied Geophysical Solutions™ Division assists clients in developing work programs and derisking strategies for numerous play types, globally.

Why use the EPI Group?

  • We ensure the subsurface response to the geophysical methodology will support your imaging requirements
  • Our solutions have a proper and full integration between:
    • Asset required derisking method e.g. seismic attribute/AVO sensitivities
    • The envisaged data processing and imaging sequences required;
    • Acquisition parameters;
    • Operational Feasibility;
  • We assure our solutions are not only geophysically correct, but offer an excellent level of interpretability. We work hand in hand with our Geoscience Division to make sure our data output can be utilised + the data attributes can be captured to further the derisking strategy
  • Our operations optimisation technologies are the best available, so we can deliver the best result, with in field efficiencies – all leading to aggressive cost controls
  • We make sure your data will not only delineate your targets, but also afford appropriate derisking of the anticipated drilling and development operations

We offer advice, investigations and reports on many aspects of imaging related services:

Survey Design

  • We utilise a subsurface derisking based methodology, so appropriate properties and attributes can be identified – We don’t just focus on the image, we give you a robust solution
  • Our field-proven methodologies are strong and driven using up to date techniques as well as fundamental methods developed by Vermeer, Cordssen and Galbraith
  • We carry out Finite Difference acoustic and viso-elastic modelling for ray tracing, illumination studies and survey simulation using point-spread function inversion, demigration and synthetic gather generation.

Data Processing

  • We offer bespoke testing and sequence development, along with small volume production processing – We provide a truly individual processing service
  • Our pre-processing includes advanced statics, de-noise and de-multiple techniques such as 3DSRME and SWME.
  • Our Time and Depth imaging solutions include Kirchhoff, Common Offset Migration, Beam, Common Reflection Angle and Reverse Time Migration
  • Our 3rd Party QC processing and imaging services can be run in-office or remotely – Our global presence offers you multiple options

Tendering and Contract Development

  • Our services include market evaluation and expressions of interest (EOIs)
  • We can provide full tendering, along with local & national law compliance, following best industry practises
  • We supply a suite of documentation which is fully flexible to ensure your requirements are covered

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