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Capability Statements, Brochures & Service Leaflets

Please feel free to view and download our brochures and leaflets for further information about our consultancy and technical services.

  • Geoscience Mentored Learning – Development

    EPI’s mentored learning is different. We deliver training and mentoring designed to meet your specific…

  • Geoscience Fold Thrustbelt

    EPI Geoscience (incorporating P.D.F. Ltd) are internationally recognised experts
    in the interpretation of fold and…

  • Geoscience Field Development

    EPI Geoscience is a leading provider of field development services, with more
    than 20 years’ track record of delivering bespoke solutions…

  • Geoscience Basin Modelling

    EPI Geoscience specialists have a proven track record delivering bespoke
    thermal maturity and basin models for…

  • Geoscience Areas of Expertise

    EPI’s Geoscience and Technical Outsourcing Team specializes in matching the best people and skills to your project requirements.

  • Wellsite Operations Services

    EPI Well Engineering & Operations Team specialise in getting the right people for your projects.


  • UXO Services

    EPI Unexploded Ordnance and Explosive Ordnance Disposal (UXO/EOD) Survey, Mitigation and Quality Control


  • Training

    EPI Group provide seismic related training courses: we have a range of courses available with a set syllabus…


  • Marine Operations

    EPI’s Marine Operations team are specialising in the planning, management , Quality Control and supervision of…


  • Land Operations

    EPI Group provide expansive supervision and support for a range of exploration activities


  • Geoscience Services

    EPI Geoscience is a leading provider of exploration, appraisal & development

  • EpiQC™ Software

    EpiQC™ is a suite of software developed by EPI, which accurately and consistently controls the quality…



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