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Capability Statements, Brochures & Service Leaflets

Please feel free to view and download our brochures and leaflets for further information about our consultancy and technical services.

  • First Line QC

    First Line QC of SEG-D, SEG-Y and Navigational data


  • Wind UHR Processing

    EPI offer bespoke testing, sequence development, and production processing for ultra high resolution (UHR) data.


  • EPI Geospatial Capability Brochure

    EPI Geospatial, in collaboration with our JV partner GN Surveys Ltd, provides a range of topographical, aerial, inspection and hydrographic surveying using innovative technical solutions to accurately capture and present data.

  • EPI Remote Land Seismic QC

    Remote QC of your land acquisition operations, with EPI’s Technical QC and Reporting software – EPIQC


  • Wind Energy

    Wind energy and subsurface services


  • Capability Statement

    EPI are a leading provider of integrated technical services to the upstream energy industry, incorporating oil & gas and renewables.

  • Environmental Capability Statement

    EPI’s Environmental Services group work with our clients throughout their project life cycle providing…

  • Geoscience Capability Statement

    EPI’s Geoscience and Technical Outsourcing Team specialises in matching the best
    people and skills to your project requirements.

  • Seisnetics™ Brochure

    SeisneticsTM pre-interpretation processing leverages genetic sequencing technology to rapidly transform your 3D seismic into actionable information.

  • Geoscience Unconventionals

    EPI Geoscience (incorporating ‘P.D.F. Limited’) has a multi-disciplinary team
    bringing expertise in the exploration…

  • Geoscience OExD

    Through the OExD® model, our dedicated team of professionals execute the

  • Geoscience Mentored Learning – Exploration

    EPI’s mentored learning is different. We deliver training and mentoring designed to meet your specific…


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