Welcome Robin Rickard to EPI

This week we wave a sad goodbye to Kim Godfrey, who is heading off to take up an operation focused UXO position we wish him every success in new role.

To replace Kim as as EPI’s UXO subject matter expert, we are excited to announce that Robin Rickard of EXORD Ltd will be working directly with EPI.  Robin brings an unrivalled level of expertise in marine UXO and EOD risk management from over 40 years of experience in performing mission critical assignments for both the Royal Navy, the United States Navy and within the commercial sector.  

A proven superior leader who has led worldwide tactical specialist teams through the complete range of Navy diving and explosive techniques.  Robin applies his extensive experience and management skills to deliver high-profile renewable sector projects both on and offshore including amongst other notable tasks, the safe and cost-effective disposal of a sea mine within the boundary of a nuclear power plant.

Robin has performed as project and programme manager, providing the safe management of UXO across the terrestrial and maritime domains since 2012; before founding a Strategic Explosive Ordnance Advisory, Exord Ltd in 2017.  Exord Ltd provides independent specialist, strategic solutions to the issues surrounding UXO, safeguarding the varying practices surrounding the management of UXO across the offshore wind, oil, and gas industries.

Welcome Robin, we look forward to having you on Team EPI!

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