EPI carry out programme of geotechnical support offshore Taiwan

EPI Group are carrying out a programme of geotechnical support for a client offshore Taiwan for windfarm development. Our personnel in the field carrying out geotechnical data acquisition and seabed survey supervision in preparation for wind turbines to be put in place. The work will help to establish the ground conditions and therefore the best design for construction and piling of turbines in the area. The project represents EPI’s move into the provision of geotechnical support to the wind industry around the globe.

 EPI is a leading independent and international energy consultancy, providing integrated technical services and solutions from geoscience and geotechnical through to environmental compliance, UXO mitigation and geospatial. Operating with a blend of in-house and field-based technical experts and supplemented by a suite of proprietary and licensed technologies. EPI works alongside its clients to deliver in a respectful, compliant, ethical and sustainable manner.

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