EPI Group become one of the first Carbon Neutral energy consultancies

EPI accredited CarbonZero by CO2balance

 EPI Ltd (EPI) a leading international energy consultancy have been accredited as a ‘CarbonZero Company’ by CO2balance UK Ltd, one of the first within the energy consulting sector.

‘EPI’s sustainability journey started in 2018 when I took over as CEO,’ explains Andy Smart, ‘We started with a complete review of the company’s processes and set a business objective to mitigate the impact EPI has on climate change. Caring for our climate is not just good business, its essential for future generations. I was adamant that our sustainability efforts should become an integral and fundamental part of our business, with the ultimate goal of achieving carbon neutral status. In 2019 we began measuring our greatest climate impact, travel. EPI is a global business, moving consultants and employees across the world. The result was that in 2019 EPI offset 370 tonnes of CO2 emissions generated by travel alone. In 2020 we took the next step on our journey to carbon neutral status, measuring the carbon footprint of the whole business worldwide, resulting in the Carbon Neutral status achieved today. We continue with our efforts to reduce our impact on the environment by continually reviewing and refining our efforts’.

EPI wanted to ensure that the carbon offsets which we invest in are both credible and ethical, we achieved this by working with United Purpose, to purchase premium offset credits from community-based projects which improve the quality of life for local communities and help to protect the ecosystem services which they depend upon. Investing in these kinds of emission reduction projects goes beyond climate change mitigation by making a measurable contribution towards the UN’s Sustainable Development goals. Specifically, EPI purchased United Purpose’s credits within Malawi, under their CO₂ to H2O scheme.

Out of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) the project that EPI supports in Malawi addresses Goal # 3 – Good Health and Well-being, Goal # 5 – Gender Equality, Goal # 6 – Clean Water and Sanitation as well as Goal # 13 – Climate Action. This means that the project is recognized by Gold Standard, which ensures the project not only reduces carbon emissions but features the highest levels of environmental integrity, contributing to sustainable development.

About EPI Group

EPI is a leading independent and international energy consultancy. Established in 1987, it provides integrated technical services from geoscience, geology, geophysics and geotechnical to environmental services such as EIA and compliance through to UXO identification and removal quality control. Operating with a blend of in-house and field-based technical experts and supplemented by a suite of proprietary and licensed technologies, EPI reduces risk, adds value, and brings greater operational success to its clients, currently in over 70 countries.

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