#TeamTuesday – Kim Godfrey

It’s #TeamTuesday and today we are shining the spotlight on Kim Godfrey our #UXO and #EOD Manager.

What is your role at EPI? And what do you do?
The UXO and EOD Manager engaged to expand and help integrate the business into UXO mitigation for the land and maritime environments.

What brought you to EPI group?
Mark Lonergan (BD Manager) and MS Teams. Mark and I had been conversing over the last few years about UXO projects and when EPI re-aligned to expand further into the #Renewables sector, he introduced me to the CEO. After a couple of MS Teams interviews, I was invited to join EPI at the beginning of May.

What is your favourite part of your job/working at EPI?
Working with a team of professional and dedicated people who recognise expertise and are clearly functioning as a team, striving towards a common goal and who are always on hand to support and assist when required.

Tell us a fun/interesting fact about you.
Last November I spent a very enjoyable week camping in a very frosty field while on a course to make an English long bow from scratch. Everything, including; horn nocks, bow string, hand grip, inlays and arrows was made by hand using non-powered tools. The resultant bow successfully hits a straw target across a field.

Here is Kim in 1992 in Oban, near Scotland. He was practising diving to around 50m using surface supplied air equipment.

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