EPI supporting large US windfarm development project

EPI Group recently began a project for a confidential client assisting with their geophysical and geotechnical site surveys for windfarm development in the US Atlantic. EPI is providing mitigation and monitoring services including 19 protected species observers (PSO) and passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) operators across multiple vessels as well as environmental advising and reporting.

Mitigation and monitoring is an important component of site survey work along the U.S. Atlantic seaboard due to the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale (NARW). Ensuring the safety of NARWs during offshore wind projects requires real-time monitoring of the whales and mitigation measures when they are found in the vicinity of the operations.

EPI have supported numerous projects in the U.S. Atlantic over the past few years with the necessary expertise to ensure all projects have been and remain compliant with U.S. regulations.

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