EPI Group joins forces in Offshore Power’s consortium

EPI to provide capabilities to US wind market

EPI Ltd (EPI), a leading independent and international energy consultancy have signed an MoU with Offshore Power LLC, to collaborate and combine resources in business development, marketing and delivering their services to the US offshore wind market. EPI is creating credible and sustainable service lines providing geophysical, geotechnical, environmental and UXO services and advice to its clients, in conjunction with Offshore Power LLC who are an established operative in the US offshore renewable energy market. Together they will develop relationships and opportunities in the offshore USA wind energy market.

Offshore Power LLC (OP), was founded in June, 2018 to target the North American subsea power cable and offshore renewable industry by providing expert qualified local content while leveraging the experience and expertise from Europe and elsewhere abroad. Offshore Power has created a strategic consortium of diverse companies which EPI are pleased to announce that they are now members, who together provide a wide range of vital capabilities for the emerging US offshore wind markets.

Andy Smart, CEO of EPI said, “At a time when the US offshore wind market has such exciting potential, EPI are very pleased to have the opportunity to be able to demonstrate its skills and expertise while bring value to its clients via this strategic partnership with Offshore Power.

“We are excited to have EPI on board. EPI brings critical expertise to the offshore wind market which will no doubt prove invaluable and add significant quality to our clients’ projects”. adds Kingman.

Offshore Power LLC’s consortium include Installit AS, a subsea, cables, engineering and operations business; Offshore Power Group, who provide services to the power cable and offshore construction sector; and now EPI Group, complimenting the consortiums other activities with our wide range of environmental, UXO, geoscience, geotechnical and geospatial services.

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