Block Energy engages EPI’s Outsourced Development Department

EPI are very pleased to announce that Block Energy Plc have engaged our Outsourced Development Department or ODD® in an innovative strategic partnership.

EPI’s COO of Geoscience, Gehrig Schultz said:

“This model provides a cost-effective and high-quality development team, allowing clients to efficiently access world class expertise, with certainty of capacity, delivered in a scalable and flexible way. The ODD® enables management teams to focus on core functions, company strategy and growth. We are thrilled to bring this service to Block Energy, providing our expertise in geophysical and geological interpretation, petrophysics and reservoir engineering.”

Block Energy Chief Executive Officer Paul Haywood added:

“We are delighted to welcome the EPI team, whose engagement expresses a strong vote of confidence in our Company’s asset base. Their expertise will immediately strengthen our current workstreams, whilst defining our next phase of development. Our Georgian portfolio is an undervalued resource base. The newly-formed relationship with EPI will significantly augment our technical capability and enhance the group’s ability to define the optimum development programme for the soon-to-be-acquired XIB asset.”

EPI will add significant value and technical discipline to Block’s oil and gas future development programmes. The specific service is the provision of an outsourced sub-surface reservoir development department, fully integrated into the Block organisation within an innovative strategic partnership. EPI has an exceptional track record for quality, innovation and success, working with small independents, supermajors and national oil companies in over 90 countries.

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