#TeamTuesdays – Chris Tucker

Our team at EPI is one of our biggest strengths and having a diverse team that is well bonded is the key to EPI’s success around the world. We love featuring different team members from across the business and this week is no different. We want to introduce Chris who works in our Geoscience team based in Cobham.

Chris field mapping in Sweden whilst at university.

What is your role at EPI? And what do you do?

I work with EPI’s Geoscience team as a Senior Geoscientist. My role is varied and includes everything from interpreting of geological and geophysical data to project management and helping our Business Development team generate proposals for new projects. Our projects typically require inputs from a wide range of specialists, so a core part of my role is ensuring these different analyses are integrated to address our client’s exploration and production challenges.

What brought you to EPI group?

I joined P.D.F Ltd (who became part of the EPI Group in 2016) as a summer intern after finishing my masters. I was supposed to start a PhD after the summer, but never left!

What is your favourite part of your job/working at EPI?

The variety. We are very lucky, as we get to work on projects in basins all around the world (often in the same day), which for a geologist is perfect.

Tell us a fun/interesting fact about you.

Apparently, the Grenadier guarding wellington on Hyde Park corner is based on one of my relatives, although this could just be one of those dubious family rumours…

A striking resemblance? The Grenadier on the left-hand side of the base.

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