Celebrating Internation Women’s Day.

There are fewer women in Oil and Gas than almost any other major industry.

Women account for less than a quarter (22%) of employees in the oil and gas industry.

Gender diversity decreases with seniority. Across
the world, women account for:

  • 27% of entry-level positions (requiring college degrees)
  • 25% of mid-career roles
  • 17% of senior/executive-level roles
  • 1% of CEOs

Women are especially scarce in technical and field roles, which often lead to advancement.

Among entry-level positions requiring college degrees, women fill 50% of office and business support roles, compared to only 15% of technical and field roles.
**information from Catalyst, Quick Take: Women in Energy – Gas, Mining, and Oil (March 29, 2019) https://www.catalyst.org/research/women-in-energy-gas-mining-oil/

And so today, we are celebrating International Women’s Day, by introducing the woman that make up the EPI team.

You can meet our team on LinkedIn and our social media channels and we’ll be posting all through the day today. https://www.linkedin.com/company/1318714

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