February Sustainability Update.

It’s been a month since we launched our 2020 sustainability initiative and we wanted to give a little update on how we’ve been getting on so far this year. We fly our consultants all over the world, but that doesn’t have to leave a lasting footprint on the planet! Offsetting the carbon generated from our air travel is just one of the ways EPI is pursuing a more sustainable future.

We work with Welsh charity, United Purpose, from whom we buy carbon credits that fund projects like installing and maintaining freshwater pumps in villages in Malawi. We have offset all of our air travel from 2019. A fantastic 370 tonnes of CO2 equivalent! – and are continuing to do the same throughout 2020.

A couple in Malawi collecting clean, safe water from the local water pump.

We believe we can go beyond being just carbon neutral. We are excited to work together with our clients, inviting them to match our contributions for the necessary air travel for each of their projects, generating a positive impact.

You can find out more about every aspect of our sustainability
initiative at www.epigroup.com/sustainability.

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