EPI Group and Cross Quantitative Interpretation, LP announce new partnership to offer full service quantitative interpretation solutions.

EPI Group and Cross Quantitative Interpretation

With the partnership announced between EPI and Cross QI, we are pleased to now be able to offer our clients state-of-the-art applied geophysical technologies for risk reduction and reservoir characterization.

Cross QI has over 35 years of pragmatic problem solving with applied and integrated geophysical approaches such as AVO, prestack simultaneous inversion, neural network inversions for detailed reservoir characterization and calibrated seismic overpressure studies. Cross QI’s emphasis is problem solving to optimize exploration and development decisions working in tandem with G&G operations teams.

Our partners are a highly valued and integral part of our business, enabling us to provide specialist services to our clients on a global basis, and are we are pleased to welcome Dr Christopher Ross and his team at Cross QI to the EPI Group.

To find out more about Cross QI visit www.crossqi.com

Introducing Christopher Ross

Christopher Ross

Dr. Christopher P. Ross is president of Cross Quantitative Interpretation, LP, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

As an applied geophysicist by training, he specializes in technology-driven applications to help mitigate risk and improve drilling decisions for exploration and development projects.

Chris began his career as a geophysicist with Amoco Production Company and has worked for various oil and gas companies and contractors as a special projects geophysicist, and as a manager of technical groups.

He received a PhD in Geophysics from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1992, a MS in Applied Physics in 1984 from University of New Orleans, and a BS in Geophysics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute in 1982.

He is a patent holder, has published a large number of cited technical papers on AVO, and has received awards for presentations on similar topics. Recently the AAPG informed Chris that his 2017 AAPG Annual Meeting oral presentation “Improving Tight Reservoir Definition Using Seismic Object Detection Within the Woodford Formation” was judged as a “Top 10 Oral Presentation.” Chris is an active member of AAPG, AGU, EAEG, and SEG, and is a Texas Board Certified Geophysicist.

Chris resides in Santa Fe, New Mexico with his wife Ann and their dogs, and enjoys biking, hiking, skiing and the great climate of the nearby Sangre de Cristo and Jemez Mountains.

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