TECHNICAL CONFERENCE Fold & Thrust Belts: Structural Style, Evolution & Exploration

EPI Geoscience will be presenting a paper at the upcoming Geological Society technical conference (31 Oct – 2 Nov 2017) on Fold and Thrust Belts: Structural Style, Evolution & Exploration.

Dr Mark Enfield will be sharing insights gained from more than 20 years working in Central and Eastern Europe and how this has led to new discoveries in the Carpathian fold and thrust belt.

Mark will be giving the presentation, titled ‘New Discoveries and New Plays in the Carpathian Fold and Thrust Belt: Innovating New Structural and Stratigraphic Concepts for Future High Impact Exploration’, on Day 2 of the conference (Wednesday 1st November) at 12:10.

The three-day event brings together leading geoscientists, both from academia and industry, to discuss new exploration techniques and case studies from fold and thrust belts around the world.

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EPI Geoscience have more than 23 years experience in fold and thrust belts around the world, with more than 65% exploration well success rate in thrust belt settings.

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