EPI Geoscience Presenting Technical Papers at AAPG|SEG ICE 2017 London (October 2017)

EPI Geoscience will be presenting two projects from our recent experience in Thrust Belt Exploration (discoveries arising from new stratigraphic & structural models) and Unconventionals Exploration (innovation in workflows & stratigraphic/basin modelling frameworks) at the upcoming ICE event in London, which this year marks the AAPG’s 100th Anniversary Celebration.

Mark Enfield & Matthew Watkinson will be giving two oral papers to discuss results and conclusions from recent work that has led to new discoveries in the Carpathians and an upgraded framework for exploring UK Unconventionals. The presentation titles are:

  • “New Potential in a Mature Petroleum Province: Application of New Structural and Stratigraphic Models to Exploration in the Carpathians Fold and Thrust-belt”
  • “A New Framework for Predicting and Evaluating Sweet Spots in United Kingdom Onshore Continuous Resource (Unconventional) Plays”

Come and join us at ExCel (London) on the 16th to 18th October to discuss further how EPI have driven making new discoveries and value addition for our Clients in fold & thrust belts and unconventional plays in basins around the world.

The presentations are at the following times/locations:

CARPATHIANS FOLD & THRUST BELTS: Theme 3 – Exploration in Mature Basins Eurasia, Afternoon Presentations. Monday 16th October 2017 @ 14:30 – 14:50. Capital Suite 4.

UK UNCONVENTIONALS: Theme 8 – Mapping Unconventional Reservoirs, Morning Presentations. Wednesday 18th October 2017 @ 12:10 – 12:30. Capital Suite 7/12.

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