EPI Geoscience – Field Development Case Study – Multi TCF Gas Field

EPI’s integrated Geoscience Division undertook a major full field re-development evaluation for an underperforming multi-TCF gas + condensate field.

The objectives of this work were:

  • to derive a new understanding of the sub-surface geoscience and performance engineering of the field;
  • to enable enhancement of production in existing wells and improvements in design and performance engineering of new wells;
  • to achieve increased production profiles in new wells.

This successful re-evaluation of an existing, under-performing producing asset required an extensive multi-disciplinary approach, integrating geoscientists and engineers (reservoir, drilling, completion and production).


Our team of geoscientists and engineers reworked the data from the ground up to develop a new sub-surface geomodel, whilst also integrating more than 20 years of drilling and production results with 3D seismic data and a large database of past studies. The new work included developing a sophisticated reservoir model for the field, based on new development focused sequence stratigraphic interpretation of 3D seismic, well logs and core analysis and integrated with a new reservoir engineering model (Petrel, Eclipse & SKUA).

This new model altered historic reservoir correlations across the field, explained historic production characteristics of multiple producing reservoirs and predicted future optimised production rates/profiles for these reservoir units within a new model. The new model put the reservoir units within the context of their distribution within several complex facies belts (deltaic and shallow marine reservoirs). The new work also enabled per-reservoir flow unit production and porosity-permeability characteristics to be predicted within the field for a new development plan, with the objective of improving per well production performance. Performance engineering of drilling, completion and production were addressed and new, fit-for-purpose recommendations developed for improvements for legacy and new wells/completions.

Our fully integrated geoscience and engineering approach enabled us to provide the Client with a new, multi-disciplinary plan for production enhancement within this large GIIP field. The sophisticated technology and approaches we have applied have resulted in a higher resolution sub-surface model and a new understanding of the factors limiting the field’s historic performance. This has enabled a revision of the future field development options for optimisation of this producing asset.

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