From a team with a 65% exploration success rate – could we help improve your drilling success?

With EPI’s recent acquisition of P.D.F. Ltd, and the merger of industry leading Geoscience and Geophysics teams, this is the time to consult us to unlock maximum value from your seismic data.

We would like to offer you, via a complimentary and completely confidential consultation, help to illuminate and access additional value in your seismic data (planned, new and existing).

Our experts utilise the power of Paradigm® to:

Enhance your seismic interpretations 
Our interpreters leverage the latest software to deliver more accurate interpretations and extract maximum value from your seismic datasets

Rapidly screen seismic volumes
Through precise application of attributes, sub-volume rendering & geobody detection

Validate your structural interpretations
EPI’s highly experienced structural geologists can help you reduce subsurface uncertainty through multi-surface 2D / 3D restorations in Kine3D®

More accurately model your reservoirs
We carefully integrate seismic sequence stratigraphy, facies & QI with wireline logs, core and test data to build more geologically realistic models to optimise decision making on your asset

Working with you…

EPI can provide a team, or individuals, to:

  • Enhance interpretations of existing datasets
  • Interpret new datasets and apply advanced tools to extract the maximum value
  • Provide bespoke training courses using your projects’ data – to simultaneously develop your team whilst working up your asset

Contact us now to arrange a complimentary and completely confidential consultation.

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