Dietrich Landis appointed VP Business Development in NSA

Dietrich Landis

Dietrich has 35+ years in the Geophysical Industry having served with operators, consultancies and contractors during his distinguished career. Throughout this time he has held roles of increasing responsibility, helping businesses grow new and existing markets through strategic planning, strong client interaction and a highly personable approach. He joins EPI to assist increase geographical footprint in North and South America as the Group continues to diversify its technical, commercial and management services.

Edward Bowen, CEO, comments: ‘ We are thrilled to have attracted Dietrich to join the EPI Group during these challenging times. It is imperative we continue investing in our core people to ensure we are there to assist clients, both potential and existing, as we try and understand their expected needs. With the huge depletions within operators it is vital we continue to demonstrate how we are able to make very significant savings in both time, money and operational effectiveness in asset de-risking. There is little doubt Dietrich brings with him strong technical know-how, considerable experience and expertise to our business.’ 

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EPI Group US, Inc.  16225 Park Ten Place, Suite 500, Houston, Texas 77084

Phone: + 1 713-395-4062

Cell: +1 713 824 7633


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