EPI joins The International Association of Geophysical Contractors

Formed in 1971, the IAGC has become the global voice of the geophysical industry, and is the only trade organization solely dedicated to the industry and EPI Group USA Inc are now members.


About IAGC

IAGC is the international trade association representing companies that provide geophysical services, geophysical data acquisition, seismic data ownership and licensing, geophysical data processing and interpretation, and associated service and product providers to the oil and gas industry.

This association is the leader in technical and operations expertise for the geophysical industry and represents more than 150 member companies from all segments of the geophysical industry. Its mission is to optimize the business climate and commercial health of the geophysical industry, and to promote the conduct of business in a professional, safe, and environmentally responsible manner.

As an international trade association, IACG provides commercial and government advocacy and develops and promotes standards and best practices for the geophysical industry.

IAGC member companies:

  • come from all regions of the world;
  • globally employ tens of thousands of people;
  • range in size from the largest global full service contractors to individuals in business as sole proprietorships, and range from start-up companies to companies who provide geophysical goods and services to contractors and E&P companies alike;
  • represent the vast majority of both the global data acquisition capacity and the non-exclusive data in libraries today.

By becoming a member of the IAGC, EPI joins the global collective voice of the G&G Industry.


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