Denver Geophysical Society 65th Golf tournament


EPI Group Ltd proudly sponsored the 10th hole at Denver Geophysical Society Golf tournament on the 20th Aug at The Ridge at Castle Pines, in Castle Rock, Colorado. The Hole, named “Black Diamond” was a par 4 hole and Greg Camera, US Land Manager, was there to fly the company flag.

Greg said “I stayed at the hole throughout the tournament so I had the opportunity to say hello and talk with every golfer. It was a very good networking opportunity, the feedback from golfers were that they were impressed that it wasn’t just an EPI sign at a hole….it was me there to greet them, give them some goodies, and encourage them. 

The funniest part of the day were the golfers that admitted they were bad, and just plain had fun.  This was probably 75% of them, and each group that came through were as funny as the last.

Dick Davis was with me for the morning session, and helped greet and talk with golfers as well. “



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