EPI now offers Land Permit Services

All U.S. land seismic programs are required to gain permission from the surface owners (access) and the sub surface (mineral) owners. This is the first action, and most critical, for all land seismic surveys. These services, both surface and mineral, are normally contracted by the project operator.

EPI Group US is now offering this service to any clients looking to conduct seismic exploration in the US.

Permit operations take the majority of project time to accomplish and need quality oversight and management for success. An experienced Permit Manager, along with qualified trained professionals are necessary to oversee all projects, communicate with clients, develop daily, weekly, monthly, and final reports, and ensure all legal processes are identified and followed. Given the ever changing regulations and requirements within our industry, as well as local, state and federal statutes, expert service in the permitting process is compulsory.


Listed below are a “sample” of permit work that must be accomplished on every US seismic project before any activities can commence.

  1. Detailed title research to determine ownership
  2. Sending mineral and surface permits to each identified owner
  3. Personal contact with each surface owner to describe project operations and monetary compensation
  4. Obtain Federal, State, and Local Municipality permits
  5. Contact all local law enforcement authorities

As stated above, ALL US land seismic projects must obtain permission before operations can begin.

Land Permit Services

EPI Group US are proud to offer this highly technical and complete service to all clients within the seismic industry. We have the training, professionalism and knowledge to offer the best quality service in the industry.

To find out more how EPI Group US can help you with Land Permits for your survey contact Greg Camera on sales@epigroup.com or call +1 713 395 4062.


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