Why quality is even more important now than ever

It’s no secret that the Oil and Gas industry is going through a difficult time, with oil prices dropping approximately $60 per barrel since June 2014. A combination of record oil production in the Middle East and falling demand from previous large consumers such as China have all contributed to this down turn.

Why quality is even more important now than ever
(Image from FT.com, correct as of 19th January 2015)

During difficult times, it is necessary to cut costs, budgets, and to reduce spending as much as possible to help weather the storm. However, there are areas where quality should not be compromised, most important of these is quality. In tough times, an emphasis should be placed even more strongly on quality. As the saying goes ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ by scrimping on the quality of your consultants means a lowering of standards. Low standards invite inexperience, poor QA procedures and questionable datasets. No one wants to have to reshoot data, wasting precious capital.

Our consultants get things right first time, we save our clients’ money by streamlining unnecessary procedures, highlighting faults and issues and getting them rectified before they can escalate. By getting the best, you are getting the best value you can buy. Our experienced consultants have seen it all before, and can spot an issue before it becomes a production halting problem.

As Edward Bowen, CEO at EPI Group explains, ‘An experienced and skilled seismic QC/QA consultancy is able to provide consultants whose specialist capabilities, experiences and expertise is able to add significant value to client’s exploration programs.’

EPI is an independent, highly experienced and skilled seismic and HSSE QC/QA consultancy to the Energy Industry with a variety of specialist skills for Land, Marine and Transition Zone Quality Control. As an international consultancy we work globally providing clients with outstanding ‘seismic QC solutions’. We offer a fully bespoke service and cover all aspects of project design, parameter and source optimisation, crew mentoring, start-ups, technical assurance, HSSE QC support and seismic data processing.

For a more detailed overview of the services that EPI can, contact us on sales@epi.co.uk or call +44 (0) 8702 406 699, and find out how we can increase the worth of your program.


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