EPI win the Deloitte Directors of the Year Award for Energy and Resources

The EPI Group are pleased to announce our board of directors have won The Directors of the Year Award for Energy and Resources 2013/14, awarded by Deloitte with Decision Magazine.
EPI are particularly proud to win this award, as there can be no nominations by an individual or organisation, winners are identified by a research programme which measures performance and the track record of directors in the South against specific criteria. The Directors of the Year are not even aware of consideration until they receive written notification of their award.

Deloitte Directors of the Year Award


Edward Bowen, CEO, who accepted the award on behalf of the board, said “It is an exceptional honour to have been chosen for this award. It shows that EPI Group is showing on the radar for its recent growth and success in the marketplace, thanks to the extraordinary commitment from our talented team of directors here at EPI.”

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