10 services that you (probably) didn’t know EPI provides


1. Environmental Gas Detection


The EPI Environmental Health Safety and Security division is now able to offer the first practical fully mobile pollutant detection service to the O&G Industry. We are offering a new approach to multi-gas analysis with real time, highly flexible, cost effective, fully portable, mobile and/or fixed sensors.


2. PAM Equipment Hire

EPI are a specialist provider of MMO and PAM services worldwide, and not only can we provide the expertise, but also the equipment to compliment your survey needs.


3. Seismic Processing Project QC

EPI has a team of highly qualified processing consultants with extensive experience in land, marine, 2D, 3D and 4D, as well as 4 component and P&S wave technology. We are able to offer specific processing project QC to ensure that contractor processing techniques are guaranteeing the best possible dataset.


4. Project Start up Auditing


EPI is able to conduct in-depth, multi-level technical audits for both land and marine surveys worldwide. We provide pre-start up, interim and final audits to evaluate the geophysical integrity of the contractor’s equipment for Land, Marine, IMCA and HSSE.


5. ProMAX® system Builds and Training

EPI offers ProMAX® system sales and rental services however, you may desire a more bespoke approach, which is where our design, specification and system build service comes into its own. We are able to create the system tailored to your needs, and provide processing training to accompany your new system.


6. Geotechnical Investigations


EPI supports site investigation and hydrographic survey operations from the beginning of the planning cycle all of the way through to delivery of final site reports. We are able to provide a full suite of hydrographic, site and wind farm surveys, and crucially geotechnical investigations.


7. MMO, MFO and PAM Training

EPI is pleased to be able to offer MMO, MFO and PAM services training. MMO and PAM services are becoming increasingly vital to the energy industry, EPI is there to help you ensure your team are up to speed with the latest developments and protocols.


8. Contractor Evaluation

EPI offers a team of dedicated, application specific auditors and in-house expertise to monitor and support your survey. Before taking a risk with a new contractor or vital equipment, let EPI carry out a thorough assessment and provide support throughout your project; adding significant value to your exploration program.


9. Land Project Design and Optimisation


EPI consultants have worldwide experience overseeing land seismic projects in a variety of harsh, hostile, remote and challenging environments. We have developed a team of highly skilled consultants who understand the complexities of operating in these conditions, often with difficult dual source acquisition techniques. With our extensive experience EPI is pleased to offer project design and optimisation services, ensuring a quality led successful program.


10. Wellsite and Borehole Seismic


EPI provides consultants for a range of complex geological environments for drilling, testing and completion of Wellsite Operations. Our expertise cover operations geology, wellsite geology and borehole seismic services.

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