EPI Encourage young women into Energy Sector

A recent industry survey by Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce (AGCC) shows that skills shortages and recruitment problems are holding back growth in the oil and gas sector. Recruitment is high priority for contractors, with 98% of them looking to recruit in the year ahead.

One of the main issues with the recruitment within the industry is that school leavers are not taking the courses required to maintain recent growth levels. The Energy Sector typically has an aging workforce, with fewer and fewer graduates entering at the junior levels.

EPI takes its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) seriously, and when Jenni Nicholls (Client Reporting) was invited to talk to her local girls’ school the company jumped at the chance to encourage young adults into the industry. Jenni has worked in the Energy Sector since leaving university, so was ideal to connect and discuss career options for women within the industry.

The pupils at Norwich High School for Girls who attended the talk ranged from 15 to 18 years old. They learned about the variety of career options available and the courses involved which demonstrated the diversity of environments within the Energy Sector. The girls were very interested in hearing about the differing roles available and listened to sound advice regarding gaining experience and networking within the industry.

Examples of different career options for graduates and school leavers are listed below.

EPI Encourage young women into Energy Sector

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