Somaliland: EPI Leading the way

Somalialand map

We are all well aware of the fragile situation within Somalia, and the repercussions this has had for the country as a whole. There are almost daily reports of fighting, piracy and bombings, so it is not surprising that at first consideration, the idea of working in the area is a no-no. However, there are still natural reserves which need to be surveyed and companies wishing to conduct work there.

Somalia is a very difficult place in which to work; however, Somaliland (the northern coastal area in yellow on the above map) is relatively peaceful. Somaliland was British Somaliland until 1962, and has since tried to retain its independence from Somalia and Mogadishu. As such, the area is autonomous from Mogadishu and has its own centre of control at Hargeisa.

Working in such areas is not something the EPI Group takes lightly; however, by complying with the following, such areas can far more accessible than first thought:

  • Full risk assessments and profiles are drawn up in close consultation with clients and The EPI consultants.
  • The EPI consultants are comfortable making judgement calls on the safety of the survey and surrounding area.
  • Naturally, security is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but being an ex-British protectorate, there are ex-pat security consultants with us hand in hand.
  • The EPI consultants working in these areas are highly experienced and know the terrain.


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