Images from EPI projects around the world – Top 5

The images on the EPI website are mainly from our own projects, taken by our staff and consultants demonstrating the breadth of areas we work, and the diverse activities we are involved in. As each one tells its own unique story, here is a little more information on our most popular shots.

This image was taken by an EPI consultant whilst working offshore Greenland. The image shows the environmentally sensitive issues that can arise during marine surveys, which we have to consider during our work.

This image was taken by an EPI consultant in the North Sea. Part of the QCs job is to ensure correct and safe procedures are followed, including the use of PPE appropriate to the job being undertaken.

These vibrator trucks are en route to a survey in Oman – Note the large tyres which are able to cope with the sandy and rocky terrain. Peter Knox, EPI’s Director of Land Operations took this picture during his time the area. Part of the land QCs role is to ensure the equipment is fit for purpose.

This ‘rollergong’ is often used in transition zone surveys for storing equipment and as a helipad. Once the helicopter lands, the crew will disembark then board small boats to carry out the seismic survey – This type of equipment is commonly used in the swamp areas of Sudan.

This picture was taken in Oman during a technical audit at the start of a land survey. The crew is laying out and testing the geophones to ensure they are all working correctly and within specification prior to commencing acquisition.

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