The future of energy exploration & production. Leading geoscience and geophysical consultants providing integrated technical services to the energy industry.
Our Sustainability Program

At EPI Group sustainability is an integral and fundamental part of our business. It is our priority to encourage our clients, suppliers and all business associates to do the same.

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We are experts who are passionate and committed to delivering innovative solutions and services, reducing risk and creating value.

About us

Built around maintaining strong and lasting relationships with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable and versatile people

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  • Seismic

    Bespoke seismic consultancy services and technical specialists.

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  • Well Rejuvenation

    In collaboration with METIS LLC we provide Microstim Well Rejuvenation.

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  • Drilling

    Onshore and offshore well engineering & drilling consultancy.

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  • Environmental

    Development & management of all the environmental requirements for your project.

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  • Geoscience

    Bespoke consultancy solutions for the full range of exploration, field evaluation & modelling.

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  • OExD®

    A readymade exploration department integrated within your organisation.

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